Business Partners

Business Partner is someone who is interested in starting his own Fintech Company, has no Crypto Industry background, no business experience, own branded platform, be reseller and provide sales support.

Who can be a Business Partner?

A Business Partner is a person or organization who dream to start his own successful business and aspires to earn name, fame and wealth.

Responsibilities of Business Partner

• Generate Sales for all products and Services
• Meet and exceeds sales goals
• Provide Support to client
• Follow all regulatory requirements
• Engage in Company’s all initiatives


• Own Brand of Tokenization
• Own Brand of Rating
• Media Platform Access
• Training Platform
• Index

Benefits – Business Partner

• Own Brand – Build your own Fintech Brand
• No Technical Expertise required – You don’t need to be technical master to launch fintech company
• Low Investment – With very min investment you can start your own branded fintech company
• Customer Base – You develop your own customer base
• Hosting – Get hosting and support level
• Resell More Products – Sell more products as a Distributor
• Low Cost – With the support from CAR INC there are min exp
• Profit Margin – Business Partners decide their own margins