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We are committed to performing rigorous reviews for crypto assets and crypto tokens of companies who are enrolled with us. Our team of analysts assess each crypto asset based on our proprietary rating algorithm. Rating scores are stored on smart contracts for audits purposes.


With numerous crypto assets being launched daily into the market, it can be difficult for investors to obtain the information they need to make sound decisions. CAR provides users of its data and reports comprehensive reviews based on business, legal, financial and technical risk categories.


Our team of industry experts provide companies and investors actionable recommendations for crypto asset rating improvement.

About Crypto Asset Rating

Crypto Asset Rating Inc is an Independent Structured Rating Agency, based in the U.S. Our comprehensive crypto asset rating algorithm helps to educate investors about the potential of the long-term viability of a crypto asset and the company issuing it.

  • Around 100+ rating parameters, divided into 15+ categories
  • Recognition of four types of risks
  • Strong internal processes and governance 
  • Independent and impartial rating 
  • Rating scores provided by experienced analysts
  • Comprehensive and layered rating governance structure 

Crypto Associates


Why does the world need ratings for crypto assets?

The crypto market has been plagued with outright fraud. Without regulatory oversight and oversight and mandated disclosures, investors often have minimal.
Most crypto asset investors are multi-asset institutional investors who lack both the expertise and resources to adequately evaluate the crypto assets they invest in. Additionally, the volume of the market makes it nearly impossible for an investor to analyze each ICO properly.

That’s where Crypto Asset Rating comes in. As a U.S. based, unbiased rating system, we help investors analyze crypto assets with a consistent framework defined by standard parameters.

How does the CAR platform benefit a crypto asset investor?

An unbiased rating system developed by a team of subject matter experts helps the investors navigate their way through the clutter of ICOs and identify suitable investment opportunities.
Our rating system is an objective analysis of the underlying business (along with various other factors) and hence a fraudulent ICO with a frivolous or non-existent underlying business gets filtered out and can help investors separate the wheat from the chaff.

What a Crypto Asset Rating is NOT?

Ratings are not recommendations to buy or sell or hold a particular crypto-asset or token, nor are they a guarantee that default will not occur. In addition, a rating does not comment on the suitability of an investment for a particular investor in a particular crypto-asset.

External Analyst
We have following External Analysts

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Technology External Analysts

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